19th Century Italian Bass

Orchestra/Solo Model

A Beautiful 19th Century Italian Orchestra/Solo Bass

3/4 Italian Double Bass ~ Orchestra/Solo
Upper Bout: 19" Belly Length: 45 1/4" Top, 46 1/2" Back (to top of Button)
Center Bout: 14" String Length: 42 1/8"
Bottom Bout: 26" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 7 1/8" (6 1/8" at Neck)
Top: Six Piece Italian Fir
Back: One Piece Italian Walnut
Ribs: Italian Walnut
Neck / Scroll: Flamed Poplar

Features: An Italian Bass from the 19th Century in its original form made for both Solo and Orchestra playing. The Double Purfling a clear tribute to Maggini while the shape of the bouts reminds one of the Bottessini Testore. A well thought out model indeed.

Note: This Bass belongs to a Veteran Professional Bassist who has graciously allowed us to photograph, measure and display his beautiful Bass within our Double Bass Pages. This Bass plays like a dream with that sweet classic Italian sound these Basses are known for. Truly a great classic instrument. This Bass is not currently for sale!

Beautifully Proportioned Scroll/Pegbox

A Classic Italian Model from the 19th Century

Well cut FFs inside the skilfully inlaid Double Purfling

A Personalized design of some kind under the Double Purfled Button

High grade Purfling work displayed here by this fine Italian maker

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