Karl Hofner
Bubenreuth, Germany 1977
5-String Double Bass

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This 5-string Hofner shows similar workmanship and details commonly associated with Juzek import Basses supplied by the neighboring Wilfer family. This is the second 5er I have had that looks similar to a Wilfer. The other Bass which I converted to a 4-string over 30 years ago was not labeled. Hofner is currently located in Bubenreuth Germany (Bavaria) and was originally founded in 1887 in Schonbach, Bohemia near the German/Czech border. The same migration route the Wilfer family made after WWII who were associated with The Juzek brand of Basses before and after the war. This Bass was made as a true Orchestral 5-string with a wide Neck and Fingerboard. Some 5's just have wider fingerboards fanned outwards off the neck to handle the 5th string but this Bass was made as a proper 5er in the old Hofner Bubenreuth factory.

 A Rare German Orchestral 5-String Double Bass
Upper Bout: 19 1/4" Belly Length: 43"
Center Bout: 14 1/2" String Length: 41 3/4"
Bottom Bout: 25 5/8" Varnish: Amber Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" tapering to 6 3/8" at the Neck
Top: Spruce
Back: Figured Maple
Ribs: Figured Maple
Neck / Scroll: Figured Maple

Features: Big sounding 5-string Double Bass in excellent condition. This Bass sat by the Piano of the previous owner for over 30 years practically untouched. It looks almost brand new for a Bass that was hardly ever played and in excellent condition.

The Bass was recently completely set-up and upgraded by Mike Magee in Pittsburgh. The Neck was moved out to allow better access for bowing the outer strings. The old Fingerboard was pulled and replaced with a new high grade wider Board. A Carbon Fiber Rod was also put in the Neck to stiffen it and the Neck re-carved and shaped as well. A new high grade bridge with adjusters made and new Permanent strings top off the set-up work just completed.

Note: This Bass can also be set-up to work as a 4/5-String Bass where it can easily be switched back and forth as needed having a dual purpose Orchestral/Jazz Double Bass. This Bass is now Sold.

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The Back features a Purfled design called "Blume" (flower) similar to other Bohemian/German Basses.
The Neck, Rib and Lining joints are tastefully capped with a strip of Ebony.

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Engraved German Plate Machine heads top off this 5-string Hofner.

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