Amati Model Double Basses

from Ken Smith Basses are SOLD OUT!

The new KSB Amati Model Double Basses sound as good as they look and have a rich deep mature tone rarely found on Basses in this price range.

The New Smith Shop Amati Double Basses ~ 'Orchestra, Solo or Jazz'
Upper Bout: 20 Belly Length: 43 3/4" (full 3/4 sized)
Center Bout: 15 String Length: 41 1/2"
Bottom Bout: 25 3/4" Varnish: Golden to Reddish Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" to 6 3/8" at Neck
Top: Fine Grained Spruce
Back / Ribs: Flamed Maple or Highly Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Figured Maple

Features:  The new fully carved Amati Model Basses from KSB feature some of the most beautiful grained Tone Woods we have seen in years. The 'New Amati' Models feature beautifully Figured Maple Back & Ribs while the Deluxe models have Highly Figured Violin grade Flamed Backs. Even the standard figure on these Basses are look spectacular.

Note: There is only one Deluxe Amati model 3/4 bass left in stock. It features some modifications by AES, NY (Arnold Schnitzer) which include a new high grade Ebony Fingerboard, Carbon Fiber inlaid Rods in the neck under the Fingerboard, and an AES carved maple Bridge with black aluminum adjusters. These high grade improvements were performed to compliment this highest figured 'pick of the litter' Deluxe model in the group that was made.

Sound: This current last Deluxe model in stock is deep, powerful and smooth sounding on the Pizz with Siprocore 'Reds' and also Bows well despite being set up for low action Jazz solo playing. Truely, a most beautiful Bass that is a joy to play!

This Bold individual styled Scroll of the new Amati Model has an
attractive Carved Button.

The New Amati Model Basses feature handsome figured Maple Backs and Ribs (2 Basses on the left) while the Deluxe Model (2 Basses on the right) offers even tighter Figured Highly Flamed Violin grade Maple on the Backs.

Made for Amati 3/4 models is this clever made light weight protective form fit trunk also has 2 rear wheels.

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