Paul Bisch ~ Paris c.1930

This is a 3/4 French Pear Quenoil Model Orchestra/Solo Double Bass

Paul Bisch ~ Quenoil Model Double Bass 3/4
Upper Bout: 18 1/8" Belly Length: 44 1/2"
Center Bout: 13 1/4" String Length: 41"
Bottom Bout: 25 3/8" Varnish: Golden Amber
Rib Depth: 7 3/4" (tapers to 6" at the Neck)
Top: Spruce
Back: Slab Cut Maple
Ribs: Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple

Features: Sloping Shoulder Pear model French Bass with Open Peg Box as used by many French Shops during the early 20th century including Collin-Mezin.

Note: Paul Bisch (b.1892 - d.1967) was a well trained Violin maker who first worked at various fine Violin shops in both Paris and Mirecourt which include Marius Didier/Thibouville-Lamy, Leon Mougenot, Caressa and Francais and his own shop in Paris with partner/Violin dealer Christian Olivier from 1923 to 1929. Bisch won several instrument making awards and honors throughout his career. He won the Silver prize at Nancy in 1924, “Grand Prize at the Exposition de l’Artisanat, Paris, 1927”. Bisch also won a Gold prize in Paris 1930 and Belgium 1931 ~ Ce violon a obtenu à Paris 1930 le titre de "Meilleur Artisan de France" et à Bruxelles 1931, l'insigne Or de Meilleur Ouvrier de Belgique (as written on some of his Violin labels).

Around 1929-1930 he set up his own independent shop. I have seen written refrence to his work as coming from both Paris and Mirecourt. I have also seen and owned Bows with his Stamp on it as seen on the Back Button of this Bass but to date cannot find any refrence of him actually being a Bow maker. Paul Bisch was also a dealer in String instruments and Bows so it is possible he had one of the fine Mirecourt shops make Bows for him that were stamped with his name as was a common practice in France for over 100 years. Two other things come to mind as well concerning this Bass. First off, was it made in Paris or Mirecourt where his Shop of record was? Secondly, was this Bass made by Paul Bisch, made by Collin-Mezin as a custom order or made by Quenoil and labeled and branded by Bisch? The Varnish however looks similar to some Bisch Violins I have seen of the same period as well as the style of the FFs.

This Bass does show some signs of being a typical Shop-type Bass of its era in the same manner as does all the Colin-Mezin Basses I have seen but never have I seen one in Violin form from that shop. Quenoil is the only maker I have seen with Violin Corners in a Pear shaped Bass so this becomes somewhat of a mystery.

This Bass has been Sold.

This same Scroll can be found on several other Basses made in France in the first half of the 20th century.

Queniol model Pear shaped French Bass

Beautiful Violin form shown here


Signed label "Paul Bisch" in script inside along with an old repair stamp from "Boston String Instrument Co."

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