Jeff Bollbach
"Pallotta Lion's Head" ~ NY, 2003

This one-of-a-kind work of art was made for the 2003 ISB makers competition held bi-annually in USA. The Bass was actually started in 2002 and completed in 2003. We supplied the beautiful piece of flamed Claro Walnut that Jeff used to make the Tailpiece. Who would be able to predict that 4 years later, we would actually aquire this same Bass? Jeff had never made a carved head before so much of the time went into learning as well as buying special carving tools to make the most beautifully detailed Lions Head in modern Violin making as quoted by one of todays leading Violin Makers.

This Double Bass a full 3/4 sized Orchestral Bass
Upper Bout: 19 7/8" Belly Length: 44 1/2" (measured to the tip)
Center Bout: 13 3/4" String Length: 41 3/4"
Bottom Bout: 26 7/8" Varnish: Red Amber Oil
Rib Depth: 8 1/4" tapering to 6 1/4" at the Neck
Top: Engleman Spruce of extreemly fine grain
Back / Ribs: Exhibition grade Big leaf Flamed Maple from British Columbia
Neck / Scroll: European Pearwood
Features: A unique detailed Lion's Head topping off a beautifuly made Orchestral Double Bass
Note: This will most likely be the first and last Lion's Head Bass from Jeff Bollbach making this a true one-of-a-kind

This model was inspired by a Pietro Pallotta Double Bass Jeff restored many years ago that belonged to David Walters (NYC Ballet) and continues to provide inspiration for Jeff's new Basses. Since then each new Bass has been an evoloution based on that original theme. Genuine Pallotta Basses besides being rare are highly esteemed and date from about 1789 to 1820 made in Perugia, Italy.

Featuring one of the most beautiful and detailed carved heads in modern times. The Tuning Gears are Jeff's own design and are custom made for his Basses. The Tuner handles are laminated with Rhododendron root burl grown on his own property.

More details of the Pallotta Lion. Can we call him 'Simba'?

The beautifully carved Button is a Bollbach trademark topped off with stippling

The Purfling was handmade by Bollbach as well using Quilted Maple (Western Big Leaf) for the center. The Shoulders are lined with tapered Ebony Strips.

These pictures show the 'Bee Stings' in each Corner artistically done with no two being exactly alike.

The unique custom designed Tailpiece was made from highly figured Claro Walnut which we actually supplied sometime around 2002 when Jeff was searching for the best materials available for his 4th and most important Bass of his career as a Luthier and Bass Maker.

The Bass has a shallow Round Back but also employs a center Cross Bar making this style somewhat of a hybrid between a Round Back and a Flat Back. The Back is hand carved rather than being bent. The Top shares a similar shallow carving contributing to the fine even tone which is colorful and projecting..

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