European 5-String Bass

(Currently set-up as a 4/5-string 'Convertable')

Full Sized 4/4 Orchestral Double Bass

Full Sized 4/4 Orchestral Double Bass
Upper Bout: 21 5/8" Belly Length: 47 3/8" (Back Length: 47 3/4")
Center Bout: 17 1/8" String Length: 41"
Bottom Bout: 30 1/8" Varnish: Reddish Brown
Rib Depth: 8 3/4" at bottom Block, gradually tapering to 7 1/8" at the Neck
Top: 2-piece Spruce (with added lower wings for yield)
Back: 2-piece highly figured Flame Maple (with added lower wings for yield)
Ribs: highly figured Flame Maple
Neck / Scroll: highly figured Flame Maple

Features: This is about the biggest Bass I have ever seen. The higher placed FFs allow for a normal 3/4 String Length. The woods used here on the Back, Ribs and Neck/Scroll are beautifully figured. The Top is also an attractive piece with antiqued stress areas added to enhance the aging look. There are a few original looking cracks on the Top that are have been fully repaired. This is a Hungarian feature that we have seen to make the Bass appear to be older and more 'experienced' than it actually is. We believe this Bass to have been made within the last few years. However, there is nothing new-sounding about the powerful deep organ-like tone produced by this 5er. This Bass was made to sound as big as it looks! This Bass has been Sold.

A beautifully made elegant Swan-like Scroll tops off this gentle giant

Full sized dimensions are displayed here and evident by the 3/4 scale Tailpiece

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