Gabriel Jacquet

Also known as 'Jacquet-Gand' ~ Mirecourt, c. 1870

~ Vuillaume Model Orchestral Bass with C-Extension ~

Vuillaume Model Orchestral Double Bass 
Upper Bout: 20 3/4" (20 1/4" Back) Belly Length: 45" (45 1/2" Back to top of Button)
Center Bout: 15 1/4" String Length: 42"
Bottom Bout: 26 1/2" Varnish: Transparent Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" (*measured inside Top & Back, 6 1/2" at the Neck), *add about 1/2" to include the Top & Back
Top: 2-piece fine grained Silver Fir
Back: 2-piece Maple Round Back
Ribs: Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple, original with Scroll

Features: This Bass was just modified with a Chromatic C-Extension, new Ebony Fingerboard, new Bridge with adjusters as well as a new Carbon Fiber Endpin unit was also added.

This Bass has been Sold.

This Vuillaume model has rather low arching which was typical of the Jacquet family.

Beautiful elongated Mirecourt Scroll/Pegbox with original Gears mounted. One of them is slightly different but that could just be how it was originally set-up as I cannot see any other signs of this Bass being born as a 3-string model.

This Vuillaume Model Bass with the typical false Cello Button in relief.

A side view shows off the the graceful Cello-style Purfling under the false relief carved Button.

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