Jacquet - Pillement

(Joseph Xavier Jacquet)

Mirecourt, France ~ circa 1840

Magnificent wood used on the Bass with comfortable proportions for playing any style of music.

~ French Orchestra/Solo Double Bass ~
Upper Bout: 20 3/4" Belly Length: 44 1/2" (Back to Button: 45")
Center Bout: 14 3/4" String Length: 41 1/2"
Bottom Bout: 26" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 8" average (The upper bout tapers to 6" at the neck)
Top: Spruce, extremely fine grained
Back: Flamed Maple
Ribs: Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple with Maple Neck Graft

Features: A beautiful early French Gamba shaped Bass made originally as a 3-string bass as was the standard at that time in France. This early Jacquet is very easy to play in all registers with a beautful and powerful sound as well.

Luthier: Joseph Xavier Jacquet (b.1810, d.1865/7?) was the first maker/Luthier of that family. In 1837 he married Cecile Pillement (daughter of Luthier Joseph Pillement, son of Pillement Pere'). Joseph Xavier Jacquet then used the name Jacquet-Pillement adding his wife's name which became a tradition in his family. Of the 5 children they had, 3 of them became Luthiers that specialized in Double Basses like their father. The eldest was Gabriel Xavier b.1838, then Gabriel b.1848 and finally Joseph b.1850. Gabriel, the 2nd son married Marie J.S. Gand (daughter of the Gand family) in 1878 and was then known as Jacquet-Gand, using his wife's maiden name and NOT associated with the then Gand & Bernadel firm. Then his 3rd son Joseph worked for a time with his brother Gabriel but then married Justine M. Barbezant in 1879 and took over her brothers firm and became known as Jacquet-Barbezant.

Note: Fully Restored (w/Chromatic C-Extension) by New York Luthier 'Jeff Bollbach', May 2014.

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