M 1 - Kay Bass, 1942

Restored ~ June, 2007

This old Kay has just been restored along with a slight Neck/Heel modification making it play better than ever before.

  3/4 size 4-String M1- Kay Orchestra Bass #10419

Upper Bout: 20" Belly Length: 44 1/2" (to tip)
Center Bout: 15 1/4" String Length: 41 1/2"
Bottom Bout: 26 3/8" Varnish: Brown Amber
Rib Depth: 7 3/8" tapering to 6 1/8" at the Neck
Top: Spruce Veneer
Back: Figured Maple Veneer (The bookmatched look on the Back was done only in the first few years of production)
Ribs: Figured Maple Veneer
Neck / Scroll: Maple with original Brazillian Rosewood and Tailpiece (stained)
Features: This 1942 American classic came to us in excellent condition. This Bass has just been restored with the Neck removed entirely, the original Neck-to-Block re-fitted and a Button added to bring out the Neck out improving the Bridge height, playability and tone. The original Fingerboard was planed and the original Nut re-fitted as well. A new taller Bridge with adjusters was also installed to bring this American Classic up to professional standards. This Bass has been Sold.

The original label is numbered #10419 and dates to 1942 according to Roger Stowers at kaybass.com. I emailed him asking about the large Rattlesnake Tail to see if this is something that was done back then for Bluegrass players. He commented that this is a first for him. The previous owner had the Bass for almost 30 years and did not notice it until I pointed it out. The Rattle has just been removed 'intact' but is available with the sale of the Bass.
Original Tuners and the 'Kay' stamp mark this American Classic.
New Neck/Heel pitch with added 'Button' and improved 'Neck-Stand'.


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