Hornsteiner label

~ A. J Kreutzer ~

Brunensis Anno 1953

3/4 Italian model Orchestral Bass

Hornsteiner label

Handmade 20th Century Eastern Czech Bass

Violin Cornered Carved Back Orchestral Double Bass ~ Sold
Upper Bout: 20 1/8" Belly Length: 44" (Back over Button is 44 1/2")
Center Bout: 14 3/4" String Length: 41 1/2" (105.4 cm)
Bottom Bout: 25 5/8" Varnish: Golden Yellow
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" (The upper Bout tapers to 6" at the Neck)
Top: Spruce, 2-piece of medium to wide grain
Back / Ribs: Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Original Figured Maple

Josef Kreutzer being a 20th century maker from eastern Czechoslovakia, is listed only by Karel Javolec in his “Encyclopedia of Violin Makers“ published in 1965, and “The Violin Makers of Bohemia (including Craftsmen from Moravia and Slovakia)”  published in 1959.  Kreutzer was born on Sept 6, 1892 in Brno (Brunn/German) which was then the capitol of Moravia within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Kruetzer died on July 25, 1970. He was a pupil of Josef Werner (Schonbach, Moravia). Before settling in Brno he travelled to Zurich (1909-1911), Stuttgart (1911) and Berlin (1912-1914) working for various String instrument makers and shops. He is listed as following both Strad. and del Gesu using various oil varnishes, one of them 'golden yellow' which is on this bass. There are also 4 makers listed as his disciples but none of the names are familiar.

This bass was found in a school in Brno/Brünn nearly untouched since it was made. From the varnish condition alone, it appears to be just a few years old. There is only one rib crack on the lower treble side bout that was just repaired recently.

Brno/Brünn became part of Czechoslovakia after WWI in 1918/1919 and then later became the Czech Republic in 1993.

This Bass has been Sold.

scroll right

The Brass Gears are capped in wood on this beautiful Czech Scroll. Now with Ebony C-Extension (E and D capos)

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