Jerome Thibouvelle-Lamy

Mirecourt, c. 1890

Classic 19th Century French Gamba model

French Orchestral Double Bass ~ Flat Back
Upper Bout: 21 1/2" Belly Length: 45 1/4" (Back over Button is 46")
Center Bout: 15 1/8" String Length: 42"
Bottom Bout: 27" Varnish: Reddish Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" (Tapering slightly from the Middle Bout to 6 1/2" at the Neck)
Top: Spruce, 2-piece of medium grain
Back / Ribs: Flamed Maple Back with Lightly Figured Maple Ribs
Neck / Scroll: Beechwood Scroll and Maple Neck Graft with 3 original French Gears & a similar 4th added.
Features: J. T. Lamy in their 1891 catalog published for Dealers in Paris, London and New York lists 3 different grades of flatback Gamba model Basses. This particular Bass by description would be the 2nd/middle grade model, distinguished mainly by the faux-Purfling lines in place of inlaid Purfling. The price differences between models back then were only 11% between 1&2 and 6% between 2&3. This being the middle model, it's nearly the same grade as the upper model Gamba.

Note: Fully restored and converted to 4-string by Jed Kriegel in Boston, 2010. This Bass has been Sold.

A beautiful French Scroll recently converted to 4-strings.


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