Giuseppe Lombardi

Dovadola (Italy), F.O. 1981 ~ #38
(Engraved inside the Back and stamped)

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A visually stunning Testore style model by Giuseppe Lombardi with a sound to match.

Full 3/4 Orchestral Flatback Double Bass
Upper Bout: 19 7/8" Belly Length: 42 1/4
Center Bout: 13" String Length: 41 5/8"
Bottom Bout: 25 3/8" Varnish: Chestnut Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" ( upper Bout tapers to 7 1/8")
Top: Slab Cut Italian Pine
Back / Ribs: Slab Cut Italian Poplar
Neck / Scroll: Italian Poplar with Maple Neck Graft

Features: The Bass was just repaired with a new Ebony Fingerboard with CF Rod, Ebony Nut, Saddle, a new Pecanic Cocobolo Tailpiece, new Sound Post and new Bridge with adjusters.

Note: This Bass arrived recently from Italy (4/08). Although the Bass was set-up and playable as-is we decieded that the Bass needed a better set-up with traditional components as mentioned above. This Bass has been Sold.

Traditional Slab cut Woods proudly displayed on this Modern Classic Italian Double Bass.
Charming Italian Scroll work here by Lombardi with his #38 engraved in the Button.
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