J.F. Lott 'Grand Model'
Budapest/USA, c.2010/2013

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Full bodied Lott model with 3/4 Mensur ~ $15,000
Upper Bout: 21 7/8" Belly Length: 45 1/8"  (Back to Button, 45 1/4")
Center Bout: 15 1/8" String Length: 41"
Bottom Bout: 28 5/8" Varnish: Antiqued Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 9 1/2 - 9 3/8" (tapering to 7 1/4" at the Neck) 
Top: 2-piece Spruce
Back: 2- piece Highly Flamed Maple, Flatback with angle break
Ribs: Highly Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Highly Flamed Maple

Features: This is a grand pattern inspired by JF Lott, known the King of English Double Bass makers of the 19th century. This Bass is very impressive in its dimensions, sound and overall beauty. To make a Bass of this size with a 41" string length is in itself an accomplishment. A Bass that looks and sounds this good will not go unnoticed in any venue from a Jazz duo to a full Orchestra Bass section or anything in between. It is even fairly comfortable for solo work.

Note: Although originally made in Hungary, many things needed to be corrected in order to market this Bass here in USA. This bass was opened up, Corner Blocks re-worked, minor repairs made to Ribs and Back, Top Regraduated, new Bass Bar, Neck Re-set, New Fingerboard with CF inlay, new adjustable Bridge & fully set-up by Mike Magee, Pittsburgh 2013.

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