Paul Mangenot (attributed)
Mirecourt, c.1900

Orchestra/Solo Model Double Bass
Upper Bout: 19 1/4" Body Length: 44 1/2" top, 44 5/8" back
Center Bout: 14 1/2" String Length: 41 1/2" (105.4cm)
Bottom Bout: 25 3/4" Varnish: Dark Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 8 7/8" at the bottom and tapering to 6 1/4" at the Neck  
Top: 2-piece Silver Spruce
Back: 2- piece Beechwood
Ribs: Beechwood
Neck / Scroll: Beechwood (all original)

Features: This is a beautiful old turn of the century French bass from the shop of Paul Mangenot, pupil and successor to Justin Derazey. Although unlabelled, I have seen at least one other labeled and a few others that were not. All of them have the same distinct look from the model, wood and varnish. This bass is in fine restored condition and has a modern set-up with new fingerboard, bridge, soundpost and endpin unit. The Top is Spruce. The Back, Ribs and Neck/Scroll are Beechwood. All parts including the Gears and Varnish are Original. This Bass has been Sold..

Fine quality Mirecourt Scroll work tops off this very playable and beautifully sounding Orchestra/Solo Model Double Bass.

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