Marconcini Model
Budapest, c.2012/2013

Front Full Side Right Full Side Left Full

A beautifully antiqued modified copy of a Marconcini School Bass.

3/4 and *7/8 Marconcini model Roundback Bass ~ *Asking $18,500 (w/C-Ext.)
Upper Bout: 18 3/4" (*19 1/4", 7/8 model) Belly Length: 43 5/8"  (Back to Button, 44.75") (*44.75/46", 7/8)
Center Bout: 13 1/2" (*14 1/4", 7/8 model) String Length: 41 1/2" (*41.75", 7/8 model)
Bottom Bout: 25 1/2" (*both models) Varnish: Antiqued Chestnut Brown
Rib Depth: 8 3/8" (tapering to 5 7/8" at the Neck)  (*8 1/4", tapering to 6 1/2" at the Neck, 7/8 model)
Top: 2-piece Spruce
Back: 2- piece Highly Flamed Maple, Roundback with angle break
Ribs: Highly Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Flamed Maple

Features: Pictured here is the first of 3 Basses we commissioned from the pattern of the Marconcini School Bass we have. The sound of this first modified copy was better than we had expected but still, we are re-working the bass internally to meet our standards. Then we had 2 more Basses made with slightly larger dimensions for a slightly larger Orchestra size Bass.

Note: In Stock is one of the Larger models (7/8) that was just recently re-worked internally by one of our Luthiers and also added an Ebony C-Extension for professional use. The dimensions vary slightly from Bass to Bass as they are fully hand made.

Scroll Right Side Scroll Left Side
An elegant antique styled Scroll with modern English style Gears.

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