Custode Marcucci
Ravenna, 1897

3/4 Orchestra/Solo Italian Bass 
Upper Bout: 19 1/8" Body Length: 44 1/2" top, 45 1/2" back
Center Bout: 14 1/8" String Length: 42"
Bottom Bout: 25 5/8 Varnish: Chestnut Brown
Rib Depth: 7 7/8" (Tapers to 5 3/4" at Neck)
Top: Pine
Back: Willow
Ribs: Willow
Neck / Scroll: Figured Maple (all original)

 Features: Marcucci, (b.1864-d.1951) made quite a few instruments (over 900: 600 Cellos, 300 Violins, 50 D.Basses and 10 Violas) from the late 19th century and into the first half of the 20th century. I have seen a few other Marcucci Basses and all of them have this beautiful shape, but made in various sizes from small 3/4 or Chamber basses to full sized Orchestra basses. This one is on the fuller 3/4 size but not the biggest he made. Several distinguished Italian Bassists including Principal players play on Marcucci Basses. This is the first one that I know of here in North America.

Formerly owned and played by Louise Koby who played this bass for over 40 years in and around New York and Ct., and prior to her, Jane McAdams of the Toronto Symphony. Now, it is in my custodial hands to care for and play as well.

Restored by Arnold Schnitzer in 2014. This bass has been Sold.

Beautiful individual Italian Scroll, Typical of Marcucci.

The tool marks by Marcucci have been left all over this bass, inside and out.

This delicate Violin sized Purfling shown around the button is all over this bass.

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