Oreste Martini
Labeled- Martini Oreste ~ Printed & Signed 
   Mantova   ~     Fece  Anno  1919

Oreste Martini was a pupil of S.Scarampella and was only about 25-26 years old when this Bass was completed. An appraiser in Italy quotes that it resembles a Scarampella Cello in its design. The external Rib Linings have been used in Italy as early as the late 18th Century by Beretta, a pupil of G.Guadagnini. The Early English Makers such as Hill and Fendt used external Linings as well.

Scarampella School Orchestral Double Bass
Upper Bout: 20 1/4" Belly Length to the tip: 44 1/4"
Center Bout: 14 3/4" String Length: 41 1/2"
Bottom Bout: 26 3/4" Varnish: Reddish Brown Oil
Rib Depth: 7 7/8"   (Upper Bout tapers from 7 7/8" to 6 5/8")
Top: 2-Piece Fine grained Pine in the center to Slab cut on the outsides
Back: 3-Piece Oppio (Italian Maple)  locally grown in Mantua/Mantova as used by Scarampella 
Ribs:  Oppio (Italian Maple), with wide flat external Linings 
Neck / Scroll: Local grown Oppio (Italian Maple)
Features: Unique neck Block design with deeply carved Button and Neck Strips

The beautiful Block area is most unusual and all original as well. This is a Martini trademark. The Rib Linings and  tapered  Neck Strips blend in as if it grew there out of one piece of wood with perfect symmetry at the hand of a Master Luthier.

Beautifully cut FF holes with perfect form A Deeply carved Back Corner

A beautiful hand carved Italian Scroll with a 'teardrop' button in the back

The perfectly balanced form of this Italian Bass displays deeply carved edges throughout.
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