'Printed and Hand Written Label'
Andreas Morelli
Early 20th Century (ca.1900-1920)
Markneukirchen, Germany

 Made in the Shop or Associated Shops of  Karl Herrmann 

After seeing some other trade Basses, we found that the same US distributer sold instruments under the names of G.A. Pfretzschner, Andreas Morelli and Jacobus Hornsteiner. All names that were made up for trading instruments and not real living people. The artwork for all 3 brands were on the same basic label. I have owned Basses by one of each recently.

"Label Printed and Handwritten"

Artist Deluxe Model (hand written script)
Andreas  Morelli (printed in script)
 Handmade   Reproduction (printed in script)
  Antonio Stradivarius (hand written script)

Trade Mark Registered

*4-String, 7/8 Orchestral German Bass  
Upper Bout: 20 3/4" Belly Length: 45"  (to be slightly reduced)
Center Bout: 15" String Length: 43 7/8"  (before Block cut)
Bottom Bout: 26 7/8" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth:  8"  (Upper Bout tapers from 8" to 6 1/2")
Top: 2-piece fine grained German Spruce, Quarter Sawn
Back: 2-piece Medium Figured German Maple
Ribs: Low Figured German Maple
Neck / Scroll: Medium Figured German Maple   *( to be fitted with a Fingered 'C' Extension)
* Features: This nicely wooded 7/8 Bass is currently under a full restoration. It will also be slightly reduced to have about a 42 1/2 " string length and have a fingered Low 'C' Extension added instead of converting into a 5-String Double Bass as previously mentioned. A new Bass Bar, Bottom Block, Neck Block, and slight re-graduation of both the Top and Back are among some of the major jobs being performed to attain the maximum tonal and playabilty potential out of this old German Bass.

Typical early 20th Century German Plate Gears

Beautiful attention to detail in the Button

Pfretzschner Trademark Purfling Loop

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