Northern Italian

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3/4 Italian Flatback Double Bass, c.1890
Upper Bout: 18 7/8" Belly Length: 43 1/4"  (Back to Button, 43 1/2)
Center Bout: 13 3/8" String Length: 41 3/4"
Bottom Bout: 24 1/4" Varnish: Reddish Brown
Rib Depth: 7 5/8" (tapering to 5 7/8" at the Neck)  
Top: 2-piece Spruce
Back: 2- piece Pearwood, flatback with angle break
Ribs: Maple (re-shaped from a 100 year old German Gamba shaped Bass)
Neck / Scroll: Pearwood with Flamed Maple Neck graft

Features: This is a beautiful 3/4 Italian Bass that was rescued from the dead, literally. It was found in Western Europe in pieces without any Ribs, Neck or Blocks, just the Top, Back and Scroll. It appeared that some restoration work had been started a long time ago as the Back had been stripped and partially stained. It was as if the Luthier just stopped work on it at some point and was abandoned. The Bass was then brought to a fine Double Bass Luthier to be re-constructed. He took some old Ribs from a 100 year old German Gamba shaped Bass that was in restoration in fairly good condition to avoid using new material and re-bent them to match the Violin form of the Top and Back of this Bass. All new Blocks and Linings were made as well. The center and lower cross bars are old, replacing only the two upper bars from new wood. The Varnish was mainly original on the Top and part of the Scroll, both with repairs and touch-up. The Back and re-shaped old Ribs were varnished to match, making the instrument whole again. (Set-up by AES, NY. Sept. 2012)

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