Gunter Krahmer ~ E.M. Pollmann

Wil de Sola ~ Italian Orchestra/Solo Model (No.13)

Mittenwald, Germany 1978

This Double Bass is a special 3/4 Italian Orchestra/Solo Model
Upper Bout: 20" Belly Length: 43"
Center Bout: 14 1/4" String Length: 40 3/4"
Bottom Bout: 26" Varnish: Reddish Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 9" (Tapering to 6 3/4" at the Neck)
Top: Medium grain 'Bear Claw' Spruce
Back / Ribs: Highly Figured Flame Maple
Neck / Scroll: Highly Figured Flame Maple
Features: This compact sized 3/4 Bass has deep 9" Ribs producing a big even sound. The Bass is fairly light, tipping the scale at just about 20 lbs. The sound is smooth and dark as with a mixed German/Italian flavor tone and feel as expected. This Bass works for either Orchestra, Solo and even Jazz sounding great for all styles with the same Strings on the Bass as currently shown.

Note: This Bass Model was designed by Wil de Sola and produced by Gunter Krahmer (Pollmann) from 1971 to 1885. Various sizes of this model were produced within that time.

Recently improvements by Arnold Schnitzer: Neck Stand Re-Set with Graphite re-inforced Bar inlaid under the new Ebony Fingerboard, New Ebony Nut, adjustable Bridge, English Style Sloan Tuners and the new Belcantos Bass Strings by Thomastik.

This Bass has been Sold.

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