Arnold Schnitzer

New York, 2010

A modified copy of the ex-Riccardi Italian Guitar model Bass formerly attributed to Storioni

Schnitzer & Smith designed ex-Riccardi modified copy
Upper Bout: 19 3/4" Body Length: 44 1/4" (Back: 45 1/8")
Center Bout: 15 3/4" String Length: 41 3/4"
Bottom Bout: 27 1/4" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 7 3/4" at the bottom block and gradually tapering to 5 7/8 at the Neck, (*add about 1/2" to include the Top & Back
Top: 2 piece medium grained Spruce
Back: 2 piece Highly flamed Maple
Ribs: Highly flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Flamed Maple with Chromatic C-Extension

Features: About two years ago I talked with Arnold about making a copy of the original Bass but at that time I wasn't sure how close I wanted to follow the old design or what to change. The Guitar/Cornerless shape is hard to lift and carry and the 44 1/2" string length is just way too long. Those were my main concerns. As you can see here, Arnold and I made a few changes in the Design from the original. Some ideas were mine, some his and some we both came up with independently as if he was reading my mind or had the same idea on what would work best. The original Back was Flat and we both wanted to go Round/Carved. Arnold made the Back really deep like a Panormo but the Top arch fairly flat following the original Bass very close. The F-Holes were copied as close as possible but were moved up and out. Up for shorter string length and out for deeper tone to compensate for the tone loss if any by cutting almost 3 inches off the vibrating string.

Note: This Bass has been Sold.

Although the Bass looks long and fairly slender, it is about as comfortable as you can get, standing or sitting, bowed or plucked. The sound is deep, smooth, powerful and does not feel like a new Bass at all in the hands or to the ear.
The flame maple used for the handmade Purfling came from our stock of wood, left over from a set of Ribs for another Bass that Arnold had made a few years ago, his Ergo II. The center line down the middle of the custom handmade Tailpice was done to match the line around the Original scroll. The Ebony for the Tailpiece came from an old Fingerboard of an English Bass that Arnold had restored in the past.

This Scroll is copied from the original Bass but with an added Teardrop Button.

The Pegbox was slightly lengthened from the original 3-string size to accommodate 4 English style tuning Gears. The Schnitzer C-extension tops off this masterpiece.

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