Shen ~ Strelau 7/8 Double Bass
Designed by Paul Streleau and made in the Shop of Samuel Shen, Violin Maker.
This Double Bass is a 7/8 size Orchestra Model 
Upper Bout: 21 1/4" Belly Length: 45 1/4"
Center Bout: 15 1/2" String Length: 42"
Bottom Bout: 27 1/4" Varnish: Dark Golden Brown 
Rib Depth: 8 1/4"   (Upper Bout tapers from 8 1/4" to 6 1/2")
Top: Medium grained Spruce
Back / Ribs: Highly figured aged Tiger striped Maple
Neck / Scroll: Highly figured Tiger striped Maple
Features: Interior workmanship of this Bass is as fine as the wood is beautiful. All the interior linings lead neatly into the blocks as does with all finely made instruments of the Violin Family.

Note: Although this is a 7/8 model Bass, the Shoulders slope like a Solo Bass would. It is just as easy to play Solos in Thumb Position with this Bass as it is to play Orchestra or Jazz. This Bass has also been recently used in a Broadway type Pit job playing "Cabaret" in a local Theatre and an outdoor Jazz concert. It also works great Amplified as it is already fit for a Shadow Pickup. This Bass has been Sold.

~ Ken practicing on the Shen/Strelau for his work with the Symphony ~

After 15 years, Ken came out of retirement from playing. He is currently playing with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra (aka SPSO, formerly NPSO, a Regional Orchestra) to keep his skills sharp. He was appointed (without audition) Associate Principal after just two Concerts. The Conductor is Allan Scott who also Conducts The Helena Symphony and is an active nationally known Conductor. Ken is the Only Musician to enter the Orchestra under Maestro Scott 'without' the required formal audition. In December of 2004 Ken was officially appointed 'Principal Bass'. This Shen Bass has recently been sold and now plays on some of his other fine Basses from his current and growing collection which can be seen here; 

Ken can also be seen in the area at an occasional Jazz concert or club gig as well as playing in Chamber Music concerts or Local Broadway type productions in the Pit as he had done in the '70s-'80s in his NY days. Ken also subs in other area Symphony Orchestras when called as well. 

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