Sam Shen 3/4 Double Bass

1997 Gemunder Model

SB 1000 Model (1 of only 2 made)

Made in the Shop of Samuel Shen, Violin Maker with Strelau set-up.

This Double Bass is a 3/4 size Orchestra/Solo Model 
Upper Bout: 20" Belly Length: 43 3/4"
Center Bout: 14 3/8" String Length: 41 1/8"
Bottom Bout: 25 3/8" Varnish: Golden Brown 
Rib Depth: 7 5/8"   (Gently tapering to 6" at the Neck)
Top: 2-piece Medium-Fine European grained Spruce
Back / Ribs: Highly figured aged European Tiger striped Maple
Neck / Scroll: Highly figured Tiger striped Maple with Tiger Maple Neck Graft
Features: Interior workmanship of this Bass is as fine as the wood is beautiful. All the interior linings lead neatly into the blocks as does with all finely made European instruments of the Violin Family.

Note: This is one of the two Basses displayed at the 1997 NAMM Show in Nashville by Sam Shen and Paul Strelau at the Shen Booth. I played both Basses displayed there and choose this one for its tone as well as its 'D' Neck, the other being an Eb Neck. This beautifully proportioned Bass is already 10 years old and the tone noticibly starting to mature. This Bass works great for Orchestra, Jazz or even Solo work as the dimensions and overall shape make this a versatile instrument. This Bass has been used personally by myself as well as my two sons over the last decade. This Bass has been Sold.

The handsome matched woods used on this Bass is as fine as almost any 20th century European Bass made.

The Shen Scroll can easily pass as any other modern European Maker with its modest but clean detail work.
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