'Hand Written Bordered Label'
Raeffael Guadininni
Naples, Italy 

This charming 3/4 sized Italian Bass has a remarkable sweet tone.
The deep ribs help to add depth to this orchestra/solo Bass..

 19th Century Neapolitan Double Bass
Upper Bout: 19 1/4" Belly Length: 41"
Center Bout: 14" String Length: 40 1/2"
Bottom Bout: 24" Varnish: Golden Brown Oil over Gold
Rib Depth: 8 1/8"   (Upper Bout tapers from 8 1/8" to 7 1/2")
Top: 2-pc Medium grained Italian Spruce with purfled center and decorative purfled Plates under Fingerboard and Tailpiece
Back: 6-pc Flamed Maple Swelled Back, laminated to 2 other layers of maple. Possibly not original, but about 100 years old if not. This Bass also has a 3-layer center Cross Bar to help strengthen the back under the sound post area.
Ribs: Italian Maple, Slightly Figured.
Neck / Scroll: Maple with a new Figured  Maple Neck graft with a Graphite Bar inlaid in the Neck under the new Fingerboard (by Arnold Schnitzer (AES), NY and Flamed Maple Veneer Plates on each Cheek with New Krutz Gears.
Features: Extreme Sloping Shoulders allowing the player the play up to the Bridge if your arms are long enough! Impressive power for a smaller sized Bass suitable for Orchestral and Solo Playing. This Bass has been Sold.

Note: The FF Holes are joined at the upper and lower Wings,
which are occasionally found on early Italian Basses.

Note the beautiful purfled Plates under the Neck and Tailpiece.
Was this Bass built by a 19th Century Neapolitan Mandolin maker?

6-piece Flamed Maple Back, laminated to two other maple layers underneath.

Maple Scroll with grafted Neck , Flamed Maple Plates and new Krutz Gears.

S.F.S or 5.7.5. or S.7.S. ?? You figure it out ! Written under the Varnish !

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