19th Century Tirol
(Pre-Restoration photos)

These nice old Basses from the Tirol are often considerd the 'Poor Man's Italian Bass

19th Century Tirol Double Bass
Upper Bout: 21" Belly Length: 43" (Back is 44 1/4" including Button)
Center Bout: 14 3/4" String Length: 42" currently (43" at the F-notch)
Bottom Bout: 25 1/2" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 8 1/2" (7" at Neck)
Top: Spruce
Back / Ribs: Tight Flamed Maple
Neck / Scroll: Beechwood

Features: This Bass appears to be one of those old Blockless Basses from the Tirol Region that connects Northern Italy, Austria and Southern Germany. This Bass is made from very nice wood and inlaid with Violin grade Purfling which combined is a notch or two above the average infamous 'Blockless Wonders' we have seen and heard about. The Tone of this Bass is more that of an Old Italian Bass than anything German to my ear. Perhaps it's the extreme distressed condition that colors the tone in this way.

Note: Although this Bass is playable as-is and still in 'active use', a complete restoration is planned for this 'old timer' sometime in the near future. The restoration process can easily run a year or more once started. If the Bass sounds this good in this condition, then the hopes are high at least in my opinion for a nicely restored Orchestra/Jazz Bass to be back in Business after the restoration.

These 19th century French Gears were fitted in the late 20th century and probably came off of another old Bass

A common Purfled Design seen on many of the Old Tirol Basses


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