Vuillaume School Double Bass by

Georges Mougenot,
Bruxelles 1875

"luthier du Conservatorie Royal de Bruxelles"

& *"luthier du Conservatorie Liege" (*labeled as)

Succeeded the Shop of Nicolas Francois Vuillaume,
"Luthier du Conservatoire Royal de Musique

(N.F. Vuillaume was the brother of J.B. Vuillaume with whom he had worked before moving from Paris.)

Full bodied Vuillaume style modelling with masterful workmanship by Mougenot

Vuillaume School Orchestral Double Bass ~ Flat Back
Upper Bout: 21 3/4" Belly Length: 45" (Back over Button is 45 1/2")
Center Bout: 15" String Length: 42"
Bottom Bout: 27" Varnish: Golden Brown
Rib Depth: 8" (Tapering slightly from the Middle Bout, then sharper from the Upper Bout to 6 3/8" at the Neck)
Top: Spruce
Back / Ribs: Lightly Figured Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple, with Maple Neck Graft, original French Tuning Gears and Chromatic C-Extension.

Features: The Mougenot is a beautifully made Violin-grade classic Vuillaume model Bass with tone and power to match. This Bass is almost 100% original in the state it was made with the exception of a partially repaired lower Rib. This Bass lived in Belgium for most of its life until recently when brought over to the 'States in the early 1990s.

Note: Fully restored by Jeff Bollbach in New York, 2010/11 with handmade chromatic low C-Extension.

>> This Bass has been Sold <<

A Beautiful elongated French style Scroll of the highest order with handmade chromatic C-Extension by Jeff Bollbach, NY


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