Neck-Thru Models
Handmade in USA

4, 5, 6 & *7 - String Models (*Elite Series Only)

MS Pro Series

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BSR ‘GN’ & BT ‘G’

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Black / White Tiger

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BSR & BT Elite ‘G’

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Tiger Elite Series.

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Fusion Elite

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4, 5, 6 & 7 String Bass Features

BODY: Exotic Body Wings joined to a Laminated Neck-Thru Design

NECK: *5 Piece Laminated Neck of Aged Hardrock Maple w/ Exotic Feature Laminates and Graphite Inlaid Bars. (*3 Piece Neck of Aged Hardrock Maple on MS model)

FINGERBOARD: *24 Fret Ebony (Quartersawn Macassar) Fingerboard with Mother of Pearl Top and Side Dots

ELECTRONICS: NEW Smith B.M.T. 3-Band 18-Volt EQ Circuit with adjustable DIP Frequency Switches for Bass, Mid. & Treble with Pickup Blend and Master Volume Control (Made in U.S.A) (Note: NEW re-designed 9-Volt B.M.T. Circuit on MS models)

PICKUPS: Smith Custom Bass Humbucking Pickups

BRIDGE: *Gold Smith Hardware, Featuring The Smith Quick String Release Bridge (QSR) Machined from Solid Brass (Made in the U.S.A.) (*Chrome Smith Hardware on MS models)

NOTE: All Smith Neck & Body Parts as well as all other Wood Components are Handmade in our PA Factory using Aged Tonewoods from our In-House Lumberyard. All woods are Dried & Acclimated for a minimum of 2 Years or More.

~ ‘White Tiger’ models in progress ~