The Tiger Elite Series

Black Tiger and White Tiger Elite Models

2018 Models (Prices as of April, 2018)

Available in either the *BSR, BT Vintage or *Fusion Cut Body Styles
(*Single Cut option, +$500)

We purchased dozens of Black Walnut trees (logs) about 12-15 years ago, sliced them up and air dried all the Lumber here in our building. Only about 1% of Walnut Lumber has figured sections (Black Walnut is usually unfigured). On occasion, a piece is discovered with Rare Crotch Feather, Circular Grain, Criss/Cross Figure, or a Flame Pattern. Ken has “cherry picked” pieces of this rare Figured Walnut to make this special model. The enhanced beauty, construction and tone is a perfect match for this rare Limited Edition Model.

Because of the limited amount of this Rare Figured Walnut, only a small number of “Black Tigers” can be made in proportion to other models. Customers may choose the modern BSR body shape or the VINTAGE BT body shape.

The Black Tiger now has a sister model, the “White Tiger”. The Tiger Maple used for the Top & Back has acclimated for many years in the building as well and is mixed with the same Black Walnut or Western Maple for the Body Core.

Learn more about the Anatomy of a Black Tiger

(BSR)4TNE Fretless
(BSR)4TNE Fretless
(BSR)4TNE Fretless


ModelStreet Price
4TNE & 4WTE or VE(BT Vintage)$6800
5TNE & 5WTE or VE(BT Vintage)$6900
6TNE & 6WTE or VE(BT Vintage)$7100

Street price is actual price, NOT list price.


Feature Details
Body Wings

Black Tiger Elite: Highly Figured *4A Grade Figured Walnut Top & Back with Tiger Maple or Walnut Core and Contrasting Laminates.

White Tiger Elite: Highly Figured *4A Grade Tiger Maple Top & Back with Western Maple or Black Walnut Core and Contrasting Laminates.

* for more available options, see our current Price & Options List


5-piece Laminated Aged Hardrock Maple & Ovankol/Shedua with Graphite Inlaid Bars & Bookmatched Headstock overlay.


Macassar Ebony with Mother of Pearl Top & Side Dots (Optional Abalone)


Classic Hand Rubbed High Gloss Catalyzed Lacquer (opt. Hand Rubbed Dutch Varnish over Stradivari Gold Oil, “Ken’s Secret Sauce”)


Gold Smith Hardware & Dunlop “Flush Mount” Straploks. (Dual SL opt)


“NEW” Smith B.M.T. 3-Band EQ 18-volt Circuit:
Internal 4-way adjustable frequency DIP Switches for each Band
Including Series/Parallel Switches for each Pickup
Smith Custom Bass Humbucking Soapbar Pickups


7-Piece Body Wings w/Contrasting Laminates$300
7-Piece Maple/Shedua (Ovankol) Neck$500
Exhibition Grade Figured Walnut or Figured Maple Top$600
Fretless Ebony Fingerboard (*Blank or **Lined - side dots only)*$100/**$300
Left Handed Model+10%

General Specs

General Specs