A.R. Bultitude
England, c.1961-82

Model: The Stick is slightly longer than the average Bultitude Bass Bows we have seen. The Frog is slightly narrow and lower along with a matching narrower Tip. The new Ebony/Silver Screw (not pictured) was made recently by Sue Lipkins and is a copy of a particular Bultitude Screw she has known.
Weight: 142 grams (with current grip and screw)
Length of Stick from Tip (not including Screw): 26 7/8" (684mm)
Playing Length of Hair: 21 3/4"
Comments:  This Bow lacks the usual Number stamps (like 46 62) under the Frog like on most other Bultitudes. The other Stamps are typical Bultitude as is the type of wood used and its density as compared to the other two I have had. The Frog however was suspicious to me at first but since has been comfired as being authentic to the maker. It is well worn and old but is like no other Bultitude Frog I have ever seen. The Tip as well which matches the Frog width is not anything like the Bows I have seen which is at least 4 of them, 2 of which I have owned. The Frog height is 26mm tall and the Ferrule is 18mm wide. The Silver Tip is 14-14.5mm wide. One Bow authority classifies this as an Historic or Rare Bultitude model possibly being made before he started numbering them. Another Bow authority thinks it may be one of the last Bows Bultitude made in the end or his career. Either way, it's a beautiful Bow.

Note: This Bow came over to USA about 10-15 years ago and was bought from a private owner in England. It is a different model than what Bultitude usually made and the only one like it I have ever seen. Bultitude worked alone in his home/shop from 1961 until at least 1982 when he retired and never had an assistant or apprentice. This information within has been comfirmed by several industry experts.

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