Double Bass Bows

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Other Bows in Stock but not yet listed include;

Roger Lotte, 138 grams. Mirecourt c.1958. A superior early Lotte Bow. (Inquire)

Andrea Proietti, 134 grams. Cesena, Italy c.2014. Maker favored by Italian players. (Not for Sale)

Emilo Slaviero, 138 grams. Cremona, c.1990. Finest example, rare model. (Not for Sale)

E.Sartory/Morizot c.1930. Stamped as a Sartory but believed to be the work of L.Morizot. (Not for Sale)


Tamburini da Pesaro, 136 grams. Pesaro Italy, c.1986. Apprenticed to Giovanni Lucchi. (SOLD)

Florriano Nofri, 128 grams. Macerata, Italy c.1996. Ex-Fernando Grillo, ex-Stefano Scodanibbo. (SOLD)

Pierre-Yves Fuchs
Vigneron Elliptical Model


Peter Eibert

Peter Eibert
Sartory Model


Sue Lipkins ~ Sartory Model
(2007 ~ "Ode to Sartory")


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