Sue Lipkins ~ Sartory

Woodstock, NY 2007

Model: Master Pernambuco French style Double Bass Bow with Silver Fittings (Round Stick)
Weight: 142 Grams
Length of Stick from Tip (not including Screw): 26 3/16" (27" with Screw)
Playing Length of Hair: 20 3/4"

Note: This is the first ever full fledged Sartory model Bass Bow that Sue has ever made. She offered to make me the Sartory because that's what I used to play when I worked as a professional Bassist full time in NY. Sue also once owned a Sartory and knew the makers work very well as she has also re-haired several other Sartorys over the years. I happen to have sold Sue her first 'good Bow' (a Paul Bisch) some 30 years ago when she was a student at Juilliard. I guess this special 'one-off' Bow was her way of saying Thank you. I have owned 5 of her Bows now and each one I have aquired seems to be a' work of art' in itself. This new 'Lipkins on Sartory' model is over the top!

Comments: These Bows are currently in great demand. They are played in many major Orchestras as well as other Orchestra professionals now on a 4-5 year waiting list. Sue, being a Bass player herself, tests every Bow she makes to ensure balance and harmony within. The workmanship on this 100% handmade Bow is second to none. I feel that in time her Bows will rank with masters like Sartorys and Peccatte.

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