Peter Eibert, N.Y.
French Style Sartory Model Bow - New York, 2001

Model: Sartory Style French Pernambuco Double Bass Bow with Sliver Fittings (Octagon Stick)
Weight: 140 Grams with regular Screw and added rubber grip (or 150 gr. with heavier Screw supplied for better Spiccato with rubber grip)
Length of Stick from Tip (not including Screw): 26 3/4 inches
Playing Length of Hair: 21 3/16 inches
Comments: Peter Eibert was born around 1926 and died on December 10, 2013. Peter was trained by Heinrich Lang in Nurnberg, Germany from the age of 14. Peter moved to New York in the 1960s to work for the Juzek Family. Peter is a Master Violin and Bow maker as well as a restorer of Violin Family Instruments. Peter is a Luthier in the true sense of the word. It was inspiring to have known him personally having met him when I was still a teenager. Ken Smith

Note: The makers brand on this Bow is stamped on the opposite side of the Stick. This Bow was custom ordered and made for Ken Smith in 2001.

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