20th Century European 5-String
Italian Model 7/8 Orchestral 5-String Double Bass

This 20th Century Bass was just converted into a 5-String and was completely restored as well during its' conversion  by Arnold Schnitzer (AES), NY. The work performed included a new Bass Bar, re-graduation of the Top, new Sound Post, Neck re-fit into Block, new Tail Block, Center Cross Bar replaced, other Cross Bars re-glued, as well as all the 5-String set-up components needed. These include a new set of individual Brass Tuners, new Bridge with adjusters, new Fingerboard and a Custom made Pecanic Tailpiece. The Neck was re-carved and had a Graphite Bar inlaid in the Neck under the Fingerboard as well as a host of other work performed to attain the maximum tone and playability of this Bass.

The previous owner claimed to have this Bass for 30 years un-altered as pictured in the Mystery II Page and one dealer has speculated that it's within the 50 year old range and possibly Hungarian. Another says it passes for modern Italian as originally claimed. Our opinion is that this is a later 20th Century Hungarian Bass and made to look like an older Italian Bass with many traits you would find from the Italian School. The Scroll seems almost too neat to be Italian and other areas seem to be on the crude side.


7/8 size Flat Back Italian Model Converted 5-String Double Bass 
Upper Bout: 20" Belly Length: *45 1/4" (*46 1/4" Back to button)
Center Bout: 14 5/8" String Length: 41 1/4""
Bottom Bout: 28"-Top, 29"- Back* Varnish: Reddish Brown 
Rib Depth: 8 1/2"-8 1/4" (LB), 8 1/4"- 7 3/4" (MB), 7 3/4"- 6 1/4" (UB), Gradually Tapered
Top: Medium Grained Spruce with added outer wings (2-piece Top w/added wings)
Back : Moderate Figured Flame Maple   -    Ribs: Slightly figured Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple with new individual Brass Gears

Features: Huge sound, grand 7/8 dimensions, perfect 3/4 size string length (41 1/4"), easy accessible Shoulders, plays with the ease of a solo Bass and the power of an orchestral Bass. This Bass has been Sold.


The Back has Purfling and the Shoulders are 'Capped' with Ebony

   5-layer Purfled Top and fluted F-hole tabs top off this classy Bass

                  Very attractive Scroll and Peg Box  with a new set of individual Brass Tuners

 This handmade European Bass was probably made without any molds or forms in the old Italian tradition. The Ribs move out slightly making the lower Back 1" wider than the Top.

   The Custom Tailpiece dresses it up nicely and helps the performance of the Low 'B' String

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