Mystery Bass II
European 7/8 Italian Model Orchestral Double Bass
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This is another Mystery Bass for me. The previous owner told me he got it in the 1970s from Italy through a Dealer. He bought it as a Modern Late 19th century Italian Bass. I had asked about the Varnish as it doesn't look that old to me or was it re-finished at some point. He assured me that this is the way he got the Bass and never had any major work done on it in the 30 years he owned it. Some have speculated that it's within the 50 year old range and possibly Hungarian if not Modern Italian as originally claimed. This Bass has a HUGE sound and Perfect 'Grand' dimensions. Sort of a Testore and Panormo combined in my opinion. I will update this web page as more information becomes available as far as it's Vintage and Origin.

This Double Bass is a Full 7/8 size Flat Back Italian Model 
Upper Bout: 20" Belly Length: *45 1/4" (*46 1/4" Back to button)
Center Bout: 14 5/8" String Length: 41 1/4""
Bottom Bout: 28"-Top, 29"- Back !! Varnish: Reddish Brown 
Rib Depth: 8 1/2"-8 1/4" (LB), 8 1/4"- 7 3/4" (MB), 7 3/4"- 6 1/4" (UB) ...Gradually Tapered ... 
Top: Medium Grained Spruce/Pine with an occasional Slight wave or variation
Back : Moderate Figured Flame Maple   -    Ribs: Slightly figured Maple
Neck / Scroll: Maple
Features: Huge Sound, Grand 7/8 dimensions, Perfect 3/4 Size String Length (41 1/4"), Easy accessible Shoulders, Plays with the Ease of a Solo Bass with the Power of an Orchestra Bass.
This Bass will be getting a full set-up from "head to toe" and be put into Top playing condition like all of my Basses but is still playable as-is. Other repairs or modifications will be done as necessary.


     The Back has Purfling and the Shoulders are 'Capped' with Maple Strips

 Nice wide sweeping FF Holes with 'Fluted' lower Tabs   5-layer Purfled Top

  Big Bold Scroll and Peg Box showing at least one change of Tuners in it's life but 'Not' it's Last !!

 The Back is a Mystery as well. It is 1" wider at the lower bout that the Top. Was this Bass  made like this or did the Ribs twist outwards causing a new Back to be made? Both the  Top and Back appear to be the same age to my eye but anything is possible. This Bass sort of reminds me of my Martini Bass.

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