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~ 'White Tiger' models in progress ~

Note: The pictures you see on the website are NOT the exact Basses that we have in stock. They are Basses that were previously made and shown as examples only. Please contact us with any questions you might have about options, wood species, or figure grades.

  • Highest Quality & Playable Handmade Basses for over 30 Years
  • All Woods are selected by Ken Smith for every Bass
  • In-house Exotic Wood Lumberyard with over 20 species of Aged Exotic Tonewoods
  • Final set-up of every Bass is still done by Ken Smith
  • From beginning to end, Ken is supervising the making of your Bass every step of the way

Where can I buy Smith Basses?

To Purchase a Smith Bass, please feel free to Contact us via e-mail or phone so we can direct you to the best source.

All About Ken Smith Basses


Did you know that Ken Smith is a Modern Bass Pioneer? He has pioneered, developed, and introduced many of the features used on today's Basses that are now industry standards.

Date Part/Operation/Feature
1978 Inlaid Straplocks
1979 Printerd Circuit Board Electronics
1980 Graphite Inlaid Neck
1980 Detented Balance Control
1980 Detented EQ Controls
1981 Wide Neck 6 String Bass
1981 Low 'B' Design .128 & .130
1983 Wide Neck 5 String Bass
1983 Taper Core Bass Strings
1983 Compact Quick Release Bridge
1986 Replacement Bass/Treble Circuit
2004 18-Volt 3-Band BMT Circuit with Internal DIP Switches
2009 PAPA Pre-Amp/Practice-Amp (Smith BMT in a Box!)
1978 to the present All wood selection & final set-up for every Bass is still done by the founder of the company, Ken Smith

These are some of the features and innovations that seperate us from the rest.

"That's why nothing feels & sounds like a Smith Bass!"

* Premium "Exhibition Grade" is extremely rare, call for $ and availability.
Click here for more information about this wood and other woods
The Featured Wood of this Page: Claro Walnut (Juglans Hindsii)
Origin: Pacific Northwest (California - Oregon)
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture): 3.1 Lbs. per Bd.Ft.
Weight Classification: Medium Light
Where Used on Smith Basses: Tops & Backs (Elite Series Mainly)
Tone Produced on Smith Basses: Punchy Bass w/ Clear Highs
Grades Available (in stock): Medium thru Exhibition Grade*
Avg. Age of Lumber in Stock: 10-20 Years Acclimated (Kiln & Air Dried)