Smith Electric Bass
& Guitar Strings

Bass Strings

The Master Series

Stainless Steel and Taper Core Custom Balanced Strings

The Master Series For
5 & 6 String Basses

Stainless Steel and Taper Core Custom Balanced Strings for 5 & 6 String Basses

Bass Burner NPS Series

Round Wound Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings Smooth Round Wound Feel Selected Gauges are now available in taper core.

Specialty Strings

Compressor Series/Slick Round Series/Double Ball Ends

Guitar Strings

Burner NPS Electric Guitar

Round Wound Nickel Plated Steel Guitar Strings

Crystal Bronze Acoustic Strings

Tempered Copper Zinc Alloy Wound Guitar Strings

Crystal Classics Classical Strings

Trebles are Precision Gauge Nylon Basses are wound with Silver Plated Copper over a Multi Strand Nylon Core

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Formula Guitar Polish

About Smith Strings

Ken Smith Basses offers more 4, 5, 6, & 7 String Pre-Packaged Bass Guitar Sets than any other String Company. We use Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Steel, and Nickel-Iron Alloy to make Round Wound, Taper Core, Custom Balanced, Double Ball, Compressor and Slick Round strings. You should be able to find the exact set you want from our long list of pre-packaged sets. However, if you can’t find the exact gauge combination you are looking for we can make up a custom set from our wide variety of singles.

Where can I buy Smith Strings?

Smith Strings are available at many fine Music stores as well as some of the on-line string companies. We do NOT currently supply the Major Chain Stores like Sam Ash or Guitar Center. If Smith Strings are not available in your local area, please contact us via email or phone so we can direct you to the best source or our On-Line String Dealer List. While reviewing Smith String prices, please note that as of 3/30/05 we no longer publish a List Price or Suggested Retail Price. In an effort to better serve our customers needs we have removed the List Price. We now only publish the Actual Selling Price, which we call “Street Price”.