Cutting the Bridge prior to installation.
All Smith USA Basses come standard with the Smith 3-Band EQ circuit (5 knobs).
Smith Custom Pickups and Hardware are then assembled to the Bass.
Each nut on the Bass is filed and shaped by hand to fit that particular Bass.
Every Bass is checked by Ken before it goes out.
The truss-rod cap is fitted and backplate is signed and dated by Ken.
Ken starts every Bass and he also finishes it. The serial # is stamped into the fingerboard under the 24th fret.
Final adjustments are made before taking a BSR 5GN in Tiger Maple for a test drive. ‘Fasten your seat belt.’

Boy! It really feels and sounds great! Where’s the brakes? I can’t stop!

Smith Polish, Smith polish cloth, Smith strap with strap locks, & Wrenches.
Pack it up. “Hey Guys! Next time you’re going to take pictures, let me know – I’ll dress for the occasion.”
Don’t forget the Smith Strings.
Running a company for over 20 years is not easy. I used to have a full head of hair.
Workin’ off the stress! “I think I’m being watched.”