Smith BMT & BT Circuits

Smith BMT 9 & 18 volt Circuits (5 knob)

Standard in all Handmade USA Smith Basses since 2005

The New Smith BMT 18 volt Circuit was designed for Multi venue application with a DIP panel switch. The 9 volt BMT Circuit used from 1993 to *2011 has now been Re-Issued as well with or without the DIP panel switch. There is no difference in volume between the 9 & 18 volt units, just slightly longer battery life with 2-batteries. The 6 position DIP switch on the 9 or 18 volt models are preset at the factory for optimum performance but adjustments can be made to set it to the original 9 volt setting or other frequency settings if preferred.

*Note: If you have an older Smith Bass with Series/Parallel switches already installed with the older 9v circuit, the 18v model with 2 batteries will not fit. You can choose either the re-issued 9v circuit or the 9v DIP model, same as in the 18v.

Control Knobs, Input Jack, Battery Holders are sold separately or as a package. Series/Parallel Switches are sold separately.

Smith Concentric BT Circuit

This Circuit was standard in all Smith Basses between 1986 – 1993. 3 Knob w/ Side or Top mount Jack


A new re-designed BT/BMT modular Circuit is now available and in stock. Pictures and text coming soon.