Smith BMT & BT Circuits

Smith BMT 9 & 18 volt Circuits (5 knob)

Standard in all Handmade USA Smith Basses since 2005

The New Smith BMT 18 volt Circuit was designed for Multi venue application. The 9 volt BMT Circuit used from 1993 to *2011 has now been Re-Issued. There is no difference in volume between the 9 & 18 volt units, just slightly longer battery life with 2-batteries. The 6 position DIP switch on the 18 volt model are preset at the factory for optimum performance but adjustments can be made to set it to the original 9 volt setting or other vocings if preferred.

*Note: If you have an older Smith Bass with Series/Parallel switches with the older 9v circuit, the 18v with 2 batteries will not fit. We can however ‘custom modify’ the New Circuit to operate with just one 9v battery and provide the same output of sound with the DIP switch intact or you can use the NEW Re-Issued 9V Circuit without the DIP Switch.

Control Knobs, Input Jack, Battery Holders are sold separately or as a package. Series/Parallel Switches are sold separately.

Smith Concentric BT Circuit

This Circuit was standard in all Smith Basses between 1986 – 1993


3 Knob w/ Side Mount Jack