KSB Machine Room. Cutting and machining of Neck parts and Body parts is done in this room.

A 5 Piece Body Wing dissection (Top, Back, Core, & Laminates). All Laminates (Veneers) are 4 Piece matched sets, resawn from top & back woods. (Standard on Elite Models)

Body Wings being joined just before gluing Features on.

Body Wings being sanded to final thickness before glue-up.

Joining the Center Block.

Center Blocks being sanded to final thickness.

Selecting the Center Block. They are matched up with Body Wings to make a bolt-on Bass.

Each Body is sprayed with quick drying naptha to simulate what it will look like when oiled.

Leveling & squaring the Body Wings before gluing to the Center Block.

Gluing up Body Wings to a Neck.

Gluing up Body Wings to a Neck.

This ‘dough roller’ takes out the machine marks and prepares the body for carving.

Routing the neck pocket in a bolt-on Bass.

These glue presses were made here at KSB. We glue only 1 neck billet at a time. Billets will yield only 1 or 2 necks. This method ensures a tight glue line.

Fitting the graphite reinforcement bars in a Neck Billet.

 Cutting the truss rod slot.

The truss-rod is inserted into the neck.

Routing the headcap for the Smith “S” inlay.

The ‘Coat of Arms’ is being cut into the rear of the Headstock. This is a Classic Smith Trademark.

The Fingerboards are cut on our custom gang saw. All 24 fret slots are cut in one operation.

The Fingerboard is rounded where it meets the Body. Then it gets glued to the Neck.

Then the fingerboard is fitted for glue-up.

The Fingerboard is glued & clamped to the Neck. It will sit overnight as the glue dries.

“End of the day sweeping” A clean shop keeps workers Happy and Healthy.