African Walnut

(Guibourtia Ehie)

OTHER COMMON NAMES: Shedua, Ovankol, Amazakoue’, Amazoue, Ehie, Mozambique

Note: Ovankol/Shedua ranges in color from Light Yellowish Brown to Dark Greyish Brown. Ovankol/Shedua are brother & sister to Bubinga (G. Demeusei).

NOTE: Bubinga Neck Strips have been replaced by Ovankol/Shedua. Flamed Ovankol/Shedua Top woods are also in stock as well in place of figured Bubinga. These two woods are brother & sister.


CR6V African Walnut
OriginWestern Equatorial Africa
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture)4.4 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight ClassificationHeavy
Where Used on Smith BassesTops, Backs, Neck & Body Features
Tone Produced on Smith BassesTight High Mids with Deep Lows
Stock AvailabilityLight to Dark, Attractive Figured
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock8-18 Years Acclimated (Kiln & Air Dried)