(Turraeanthus Africanus)
(also T. Zenkeri & T. Vignei)

OTHER COMMON NAMES: African White Mahogany, Blonde Mahogany (USA), Apaya (Nigeria), ESU (Congo), Lusamba (Zaire)
Note: The common name (or Trade Name) varies from country to country with many Exotic Woods as so does the Language.


Highly Figured Avodiré
w/Walnut Core & Mahogany Laminates
Figured Avodiré w/Walnut Center Block
Figured Avodiré – Black Hardware
w/ Series Parallel Switches
CR6M (Vintage)
Figured Avodiré Body Wings & Center Block
w/ Contrasting Feature Stripes
OriginTropical West Africa
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture)3 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight ClassificationLight
Where Used on Smith BassesSolid or Laminated Body Wings & Heel Blocks
Tone Produced on Smith BassesSmooth & Bright
Stock AvailabilityOut of Stock
Avg. Age of Wood in StockOut of Stock