Claro Walnut

(Juglans Hindsii)

OTHER COMMON NAMES:  Flamed Walnut, Figured Walnut, California Walnut, California Black Walnut, Oregon Walnut, Oregon Black Walnut, West Coast Walnut.
Note:  West Coast Walnut includes a smorgasbord of species & crossbreeds sometimes difficult to classify. Claro (from the Spanish word ‘Clear’) is the common name for this group of Walnuts.


Exhibition Grade  Flamed  Walnut (Broad Flame)

Highly Figured  Flamed Walnut (Narrow Flame)

Highly Figured  Flamed Walnut

Flamed  Walnut

Origin Pacific Northwest (California-Oregon)
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture) 3.1 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight Classification Medium Light
Where Used on Smith Basses Tops & Backs (Elite Series Mainly)
Tone Produced on Smith Basses Punchy Bass w/Clear Mids & Highs
Grades Available (in stock): Medium Figure thru Exhibition Grade
Stock Availability Low Figured thru Highly Figured
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock 15-20 Years Acclaimed (Kiln & Air Dried)
*Premium "Exhibition Grade" is extremely rare call for $ and availability.