Cocobolo (Disc.)

(Dalbergia Retusa)

OTHER COMMON NAMES: Granadillo (Mexico)
Note: This Dense Rosewood (Dalbergia) is heavier than Ebony. Colors range from yellow brown to orange brown, to reddish brown with colored streaks running through the grain.


Cocobolo (Vertical Grain)
Cocobolo (Swirly Grain)
Cocobolo (Dark Multi-Grain)


Origin Mexico, Nicaragua (Central America) Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture) 5.6 Lbs per Bd. Ft. Weight Classification Very Heavy Where Used on Smith Basses Top & Back Sets with Matching Headstocks Tone Produced on Smith Basses Strong Low End with Notched High End Bite Stock Availability Discontinued Avg. Age of Wood in Stock Discontinued