(Diospyros Celebica)
(syn. Diospyros Macassar)

OTHER COMMON NAMES: Striped Ebony, Indian Ebony
Note: Various Ebonies come from Africa, India & Indonesia. We have found the best results with this particular species. Due to it’s elasticity it is less prone to cracking than other Ebony species in the wider widths needed for Book matched Tops and 5, 6, & 7 String Fingerboards.


BSR7EG (MD 7) Ebony Top with Walnut Back*
*Note: Walnut Backs are used on Ebony Top Models to lighten the overall weight,
enhance the highs, and conserve this extremely rare & expensive Exotic Wood.
Ebony Top with Walnut Back
Fully shielded Smith Flat-Top Pickups
Macassar Ebony Top
w/ Walnut Back
OriginCelebes Islands, Indonesia
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture)5.5 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight ClassificationVery Heavy
Where Used on Smith BassesFingerboards, Tops, Head Caps
Tone Produced on Smith BassesSmooth, Strong Low End with Definitive Highs
Stock AvailabilityQuarter Sawn Fingerboards and Top Woods
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock12-18 Years Acclaimed (Kiln & Air Dried)