Hardrock Maple

(Acer Saccharum)

OTHER COMMON NAMES: Hard Maple, Rock Maple, White Maple, Sugar Maple
Note: We have found this species to be the best overall material for Neck Wood. On occasion figured pieces are used for Body materials.


3 Pc Maple Neck w/Oil Finish
3 Pc Maple Neck w/Catalyzed Laq
5 Pc Maple/Bubinga Neck w/Oil Finish
5 Pc Maple/Morado Neck w/Catalyzed Laq.
OriginNortheast USA & Canada
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture)3.8 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight ClassificationMedium Heavy
Where Used on Smith BassesLaminated Necks
Tone Produced on Smith BassesMainly Used as Neck Wood
Stock AvailabilityCreamy White (#1 White Grade)
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock4-10 Years Acclaimed (Kiln & Air Dried)