(Swietenia Macrophylla)
(*also Khaya Ivorensis, African Mahogany)

Other Common Names: Honduras Mahogany, Caoba, South American Mahogany, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, etc.-named by country of origin. Also, African Mahogany (Khaya Species).

Note: Mahogany from Tropical America is sill called Honduran Mahogany in the trade, but is no longer imported from Honduras.

Mahogany Core Woods
in 3 & 5 Piece Body Wings

Origin Central, South America (Swietenia Species), Equitorial Africa (Khaya Species)
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture) 3.1 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight Classification Light
Where Used on Smith Basses Cores & Veneers Only
Tone Produced on Smith Basses True Even Tone, Compliments its Laminates
Stock Availability Varies from Light to Dark Reddish Brown (*African)
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock 2+ Years Acclimated (Kiln & Air Dried)