Western Quilted Maple Core Stock

(Acer Macrophyllum)

OTHER COMMON NAMES:  Quilted Maple, Big Leaf Maple, and Western Curly Maple
Note:  Western Maple is lighter than Cherry, similar to Alder and has a similar attractive color. The tone and texture is between the two. A perfect environmental substitute.


Western Maple core between Walnut laminates and Tiger Maple top & back

Origin Pacific Northwest
Avg. Weight (@ 6-8% moisture) 3.2 Lbs per Bd. Ft.
Weight Classification Light – Medium Light
Where Used on Smith Basses Cores and Veneer Laminates
Tone Produced on Smith Basses Blends well with other woods
Stock Availability Low to Medium Figured Stock
Avg. Age of Wood in Stock 12-20 Years Acclaimed (Kiln & Air Dried)

We have used Western Maple for Laminates in the past and it is now available as core stock